a platform for architecture students and designers

to learn how to navigate university, set healthy habits and be productive without sacrificing their wellbeing.


Documenting my career and creative journey through the Archi Diaries series, regular tutorials and vlogs.

Some of my most popular videos include my Sun Path Diagram tutorial and potfolio walkthroughs.
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Taba Studios

Creative studio combining community-focused brand with strong creative communication.

Taba goes beyond a one-off branding approach to create long-lasting and holistic digital personas for small emerging companies, collectives and creative practitioners.
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Career Coaching

I teach young professionals in the design industry how to optimise your use of LinkedIn and become a credible individual in a creative industry.

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The Studio Handbook

Over the past 4 years, I've helped architecture students maximise their productivity without comprising on sleep, mental health or passion. Studying architecture is no easy feat, which is why I'm introducing the first volume of The Studio Handbook, a small zine for architecture students to keep handy.

The handbook includes references, tips for tutorials, space to plan for your portfolio and deadlines as well as plenty of links to resources and guides.

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