10 Awesome Architecture Blogs you Need to Follow Right Now

10 Awesome Architecture Blogs you Need to Follow Right Now

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Architecture blogs are a great resource. Whether its to learn something new, see what's happening in the community or just keep up with architecture news, blogs are a big deal.

It can be difficult when starting university to involve yourself in the architectural world and you may not know where to start. Books are all good and well if you know the kind of topic you want to learn about; but blogs are a great, accessible way of keeping up with the industry.

Think of architecture blogs as your industry-specific newsletter where you can learn new things or keep up with projects locally and around the globe. The ones you keep up with don’t need to have thousands of followers. Smaller blogs that have a specific niche that appeal to your work are completely fine.

Here at :scale we want our blog to be a space where the architecture student community can share their thoughts, learn something new and gain some inspiration along the way. We want to encourage our readers to experiment with their architectural style once in a while as well as interact with each other.

Some of these are pretty well-known and others aren’t. So we’ve included some blogs that might not be on the map yet.

  1. Dezeen
  2. Arch Daily
  3. The Architect's Journal
  4. Visualizing Architecture
  5. 30X40 Design Workshop
  6. Life of an Architect
  7. Design Milk
  8. Archinect
  9. Zean Macfarlane
  10. Archi Soup


If you haven't already heard of Dezeen, then you need to get on their website ASAP. Dezeen is our personal favourite. A hub of all things design and architecture, it not only gives you the latest news but also informs you of current jobs, new openings and projects.

We'd reccomend subscribing to their newsletter to get a daily dose of the most popular news happening all over the world.

Arch Daily

Arch Daily is a great resource for those looking for the latest architecture competitions. There are many other websites that focus on this area specifically, but Arch Daily usually has them all. It also features thousands of building projects and has multiple facts, images - anything you need to know about a certain project - it's there.

The Architect's Journal

The AJ appeals to those in the UK. Although they have a paid subscription, their other free content is wonderful. If you're interested in Architecture awards, this is the right place. The AJ hold awards for a wide range of categories as well as student projects. They have a vast library of building projects you can look at.

Visualizing Architecture

Alex Hogrefe is the mastermind behind Visualising Architecture. The website contains a blog as well as incredible visualisation tutorials and portfolio breakdowns. He explains everything from basic Photoshop layer management to rendering and post production.

A great resource for students looking to come up with their own style of visualisations or learn new techniques.

30X40 Design Workshop

You might recognise 30X40 from the infamous, amazing YouTube videos. As well as having in-depth tutorial videos, Eric Reinholdt  also creates some great resources. You can get an insight into some of his videos through the blog or check out his portfolio. We've linked one of our favourite videos down below.


Life of an Architect

Life of an Architect is the creation of licensed architect, Bob Borson. He has a wide range of posts that are quite relatable and useful for all kids of architects or students. He also runs a successful podcast 'Life of an Architect' along with Andrew Hawkins. Make sure you check out both!

Design Milk

Design Milk is a fabulous blog and magazine which has its own curated online shop. It extracts the best products for designers from around the world and keeps you updated with all sorts of news in various categories. A really interesting website to check out.


Archinect is a gem in the architecture community. It aims to connect like-minded architects from all over the world and allows you to create you own profile for contribution and participation. Archinect has a great employment portal for those living in the US or Canada.

Zean Macfarlane

You've probably seen some of Zean Macfarlane's work somwhere on the Internet. Whether it's Instagram or Pinterest, his eye-catching illustrations inspire everyone. He also has a series of E-Books aimed at architecture students. To find out more click the link below.

100 Architecture Tips

Archi Soup

ArchiSoup are an online learning resource and platform that provides exciting new tutorials for architects and students. They have some great resources for those starting out. If you wanted to know more about certain architects, they also have a page dedicated to architect biographies containing everything you need to know.

There are obviously many more blogs out there, so be sure to let us know in the comments which blogs you think are great, or out of our top 10 list, which of these you regularly visit.

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