10 More Architecture Blogs We Love!

10 More Architecture Blogs We Love!

Quite some time ago we wrote an article titled '10 Awesome Architecture Blogs you Need to Follow Right Now' which gained some popularity. But it was only after re-visiting this article that I thought, hold on - I can do better than this. Over the past year and a half, I've been able to network and connect with so many individuals, architecture students and low-key architecture celebs who all have their own blogs.

Although the previous post was a great starting point for the more mainstream blogs that provide you with architecture news, competitions and some tutorials, I think it's time we take a look at the more relatable blogs (ones like this one) where you can scream at the computer screen because you've experienced the same, exact thing they are describing.

I love all of these blogs and there is so much value in each and every one. If you're a student, architectural visualiser or a newbie professional, there's something for everyone. I think the archi-community will grow stronger if we celebrate each other which is why we've also made a 'Friends' page on this website.

Content creators and micro-influencers are people just like you and me, who are taking an initiative to share their skills, lessons learned and techniques with the world. I'd appreciate it if you could share just one of these blogs with a friend, mentor or just on your social media because they all deserve some massive attention.

I've also included snippets of information so you know what you're getting into 😉


The girls at Archidabble are documenting their journey through their undergraduate at the University of Westminster. There are all kinds of cool posts like their 'What's it like?' series that takes you through pretty much every kind of aspect of studying architecture.

Check out their Instagram too as they post some awesome content!

The Orangery

The Orangery is one of the newer blogs I've come across but with some fantastic and insightful posts like How to Survive Architecture School - Good Mental Health While Studying. They also have their own architectural visualisation packs for you to buy and use - a really cool product!

The Architectural Experiment

The Architectural Experiment is probably one of the most down-to-earth blogs in architecture. Honest and raw reflections as well as relatable snippets that will show you that you are not alone. The founder, Nylda Hamchaoui shares with readers how she navigates job-hunting and things she has learnt along the way after graduating.


Involved aren't just a fantastic architecture magazine, they even have a very cool blog! Highlighting voices from young and emerging designers to tackle topics that are usually out of the spotlight. My favourite article to date is by founder and editor-in-chief, Dolunay Dogahan, Abuse in Architecture: The Experiences of an Architectural Assistant. Check it out!

Evolving Architect

The Evolving Architect Blog is a wonderful resource and has a mix of guides, personal experiences and links to other resources.

Discussed It - Herbie Hudson

Herbie Hudson is one of the co-hosts of the Discussed It podcast (which you should definitely check out) as he documents his journey into architecture.

Show It Better

This fantastic platform has one of the most popular YouTube channels but did you know that they also have blog versions of their tutorials? I love this blog as a core resource for architectural visualisations. Make sure you bookmark this one.


Stuck with technical modules at uni? Don't really understand the vast world of architectural technology? The ARCHLOGBOOK blog and Instagram has bite-sized architectural basics for you to learn, save and come back to later on.

The Archi-Tech Guy

The Archi-Tech Guy is a really cool blog featuring a wide range of tips, tutorials and much more.


Not so much of a blog, but a pretty good feed for learning about what's going on in architecture and the occasional blog post you might like.

And of course, you'll always have your trusty archi-community always by your side. Remember that we post every Monday and would love to connect with you on Instagram. Consider supporting us by making a one-time donation so we can support our guest writers and keep bringing you awesome content.

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