ArchAdemia: Learning from Archi-preneurs

ArchAdemia: Learning from Archi-preneurs

Do you know the saying, 'a good teacher is only one step ahead of their students'? Architects and especially archi-preneurs can be a great source of knowledge and insight for architecture students. ArchAdemia is a team of talented architects from the practice Studio RBA. It’s very rare to see directors of a practice giving back to the architecture community and providing resources, educational content and mentoring which is why I think it’s a great platform for architecture students, graduates and those entering the industry.

Throughout my own architecture journey, I’ve tried to document as much as possible. The power of documentation is unparalleled because it allows you to reflect, learn from mistakes and helps other people to avoid those same mistakes in their journey. I believe that the goal of content creators in the architecture niche should be to empower others and develop a healthy and holistic community where we can all learn from one another. I’m still building my career, and there is only so much I can teach others. The directors of ArchAdemia have crafted a supportive platform which teaches those who are beginning their professional paths, whether you’re a fresh graduate or a designer looking to upskill.

Who are ArchAdemia and what do they do? After training their own team in various software, design workflows and industry standards, the practice directors realised there is a gap in video tutorials for creatives who are new to the industry or want to learn new skills but are limited on time or don’t quite know where to look. Now, they help their audience advance their careers and level-up on skills. Plus, it’s not just limited to architects. If you’re an interior designer, CGI artist or you just want to learn a certain software, there is a course for you. You can also watch or listen to the ArchAdemia podcast to learn more about the people behind this platform.

When I was working in practice as a Part 1, I found the first few weeks pretty tough, trying to adapt to an entirely new system or understanding what a Design and Access Statement is. The transition from university to practice can be harsh for some, so to combat this, ArchAdemia have an entire self-paced video course called The Project Guide which walks you through what a design project is supposed to look like. It informs you about the typical tasks you might end up doing like setting up elevations or fire plans and building sections. 

If you’re looking to learn modelling software, or understand how to create industry-standard renders, they also have courses for almost every leading rendering software, which is especially handy for UK students as this will give you a competitive advantage when applying for jobs. 

I’m always keen to upskill and I truly believe that students should be exploring their talents and learning something new each day to really benefit from a creative path such as architecture. It’s also why I’m excited to be partnering with ArchAdemia to offer you 10% off their monthly and annual memberships as well as any download pack from their resources section. All you need to do is use the code TOSCALE10*.

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*Please note that I do receive a small commission from usage of the code.

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