Instagram Accounts to Follow for Architecture

Instagram Accounts to Follow for Architecture

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Just like Pinterest, Instagram is a great resource for inspiration and is actually much more useful because you get to see exactly where the image is from. Over the years, architects, universities and architecture students have increasingly jumped on to Instagram to showcase their work. Often it becomes an online portfolio of sorts and can be a great way to share your work in progress or create an aesthetic feed for potential employers to be impressed by.

The way it is different to Pinterest is that you can traceback images to the people posting it and creating the work. You can’t forgetthe number of architecture firms that are also on Instagram so if you hear ofone and want to see what their work is like; you can easily hop on to Instagramand find out. This is great for those wanting to potentially apply to work atthese places too, and by showing a bit of enthusiasm, they might even consideryou. Sometimes, these firms also post job openings on their social media first,so you don’t even have to look elsewhere. Apart from following the typical, mega-firms,it can be a good idea to follow the ones in or near your area to keep up withprojects they work on.

If you’re living in a city like London, you probably know of the popular architecture schools around. But instead of just seeing their work at the end of year exhibitions, their Instagram accounts give you the chance to see work during the year. It’s also common for university accounts to feature your work, giving you more exposure. If you’re unsure of applying to architecture at university, it can be very helpful to check out a day in the life or see what kind of work students do.

Over a few months, we’ve managed to create and interact with a brilliant audience which has become a community of sorts, bringing students together from all over the world. Sign up to our Discord chat to share work, get feedback and more! In this article, we’ve put together a list of some of the architecture accounts we know and love. Of course, there’s many more, so if you want to stay in the know, then follow us on Instagram to be regularly updated or even featured.



If you’re not already following the bajillion Bartlett unitaccounts out there, give this account a go. Bartlett Kiosk brings together allkinds of students works whether it’s drawings, models or installations. Run bya MArch Unit 13 student, it’s an authentic representation of works created by realstudents that are most often tagged. If you like a person’s work and they havea public architecture account, feel free to follow them or even give them amessage if you have questions. Two of our favourites are @atelier_lai and@arinjoy.sen



Chris Precht of Studio Precht is an Instagram savvy,brilliant architect whose creations can make your mouth drop. We don’t need tosay much about this individual, his works speaks in volumes! Have a look below.


We love The Architecture Student Blog (big fan) and theylove to feature student work. If you want to be in the chance to get featureduse their hashtag. Their account provides not only inspiration, but they havealso recently come up with helpful tutorials for architecture students.



Re-Thinking the Future is a mind-blowing and informative account.Their style of posts is admirable, fast and efficient. If you need quick tips ormotivational quotes to boost your day, this is the account.


Sarah Lebner, author of ‘101 Things I Didn’t Learn inArchitecture School’ has been a breath of fresh air on Instagram. Her ‘SketchSaturdays’ and ‘Follow Fridays’ are fun, unique and informative. She keepsthings real about architecture.

Those were our 5 favourite architecture Instagram accounts.Which accounts would you recommend us to follow? When following accounts, thinkabout the quality of the posts and how it might help you. It’s fine to followStarchitects but we find it extremely useful following niche-related pages thatare so easily accessible. Next time you’re on Instagram you can say it’s forwork instead of endlessly scrolling! Also, a top tip is to save the ones youabsolutely love, want to come back to or recreate somehow. If you have any suchimages, feel free to send them to us on Instagram and we can reach out to theperson creating it or show you a tutorial on it ourselves.

If you’ve been thinking about creating an architectureaccount for yourself, go for it! Better to start now than later, and who knows,one day you might even be featured somewhere! There are many benefits tostarting an architecture account apart from being open for employers to see.Some students often get featured in architecture magazines or can be inspiredto enter competitions via their work. Instagram is a visual-based app and wehave the upper hand with our eye-catching work and images. Whether your forteis photography or illustrations, any kind of work that goes up on Instagramgets seen by someone, somewhere.

If you haven’t read our other articles head over to our Blog page and make sure you check out our amazing Guest Articles while you’re there. We are very happy to support the accounts above, after all, we believe that expanding the architecture community is the way to go forward. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram.

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