Portfolio Walkthrough

Portfolio Walkthrough

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This is a walkthrough of a 3rd year BArch portfolio. Read more about Sana on our About page.


The front cover of any portfolio should be clear, simple and encompass what the project is. You can choose to have a front image if you wish but it isnt needed. Think about the composition of your pages, whether it's A3, A2 or A1. The orientation can also be important so keep that in mind.

Next, an initial project can be a massive driver for the whole project and give you a base to relate back to the brief with. In this case, a movie analysis and animation project brought out some key features to focus in. Domestic spaces, a grid and the relationship between the occupant and the space became important.

Then, we take a look at site analysis, maps and other key pages. We've made a tutorial for creating maps. 'How to Create Maps in Adobe Illustrator'. It's good to unpack your site as much as you can and find something of interest whether it's your site or not.

The next section (having sections is a great way of having structure in your portfolio) focuses more on the project programme and inital concepts. Case studies are a great way of coming up with ideas and referencing features of your building. Then, a couple of pages of inital drawings such as plans and sections.

The second iteration builds on the previous work as well as introducing other elements of the project and thinking about the ways in which to present it at the end through perspective images. This can be hand drawn, illustrated or rendered pictures that explain key parts of your project.

Lastly, the resolution is a completely new set of pages, carefully curated to include final drawings and perspective images. If you want to learn more about how to do these types of drawings, or have any specific questions, leave a comment below.

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