what is :scale magazine?

This magazine was a crowdfunded project that took place in 2020. It was a collaborative initiative aimed at giving voices to individuals part of the community on a global scale. Eventually, the project became a physical reality, producing over 80 limited copies.

issue one β€” community πŸ§‘πŸ»πŸ€πŸ‘©πŸ½

Now more than ever, a sense of community has been building on social media in the architecture space. The archi-community isn’t restricted to a specific location or level of experience.

Our issue explores case studies that are driven by the community, questions how architects can move forward post-pandemic, and speaks to content creators who are at the heart of the community

The team involved;

Sana Tabassum, Oscar Freitag, Bharani Sri Gujuluva, Ankitha Gattupalli, Grant Morris, Harrison Maddox, Chetan Aggarwal, Polina Bouli, Nylda Hamchaoui, Roshni Gera, Linda Tighlit, Becki Rana, Mina Gohary, Luke Brozic, Faisal and Aneliya Kavrakova.

:scale magazine