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Open Studio is a series of studio sessions for a limited group of architecture students who can come to seek advice, mentoring, learn from peers, network in the industry and gain vital skills that will help them in their careers.

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Hi, I'm Sana!

After I survived my architecture degree, I felt lost and unprepared for the real world.

So I set up :scale, an architecture blog and platform for students trying to navigate architecture school. 4 years and 100 blogs later, I’ve managed to nurture a global community of over 27,000 individuals.

I’ve published a collaborative and community funded magazine, curated the world’s first architecture convention and mentored graduates in my own cohort-based course.

All of these ventures have led me to this point.

Sana Tabassum
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Architectural Education
is Changing

There are a number of brilliant organisations and programmes for young people in the built environment.

But there are very few that support architecture students through their education and career.

Graduates leave university feeling dissatisfied and unequipped with precious skills.

Systematic change may take too long. So it’s time we took control of the narrative and helped the future generation of architects by coming together.

Open Studio Programme

Project Agenda

Open Studio brings together architecture students from all over London to:

  • collaborate
  • build vital skills
  • share projects
  • learn from industry professions
  • get access to mentoring
  • develop a network of peers

Studio Hours

  • Hosting a studio day with the school’s architecture society where students can drop in, get help from myself and peers about design portfolios, CVs and advice on how to build skills or just co-work
  • Running a workshop or seminar on building an online presence as an architecture student to access a larger network
  • Partnering with the school to promote a network of societies and Open Studios across London
  • Access to a studio space on a day best suited for all years of architecture students
Architecture Schools in London


The trial run of Open Studio will allow us to gain insight into the problems and challenges architecture students of all years face and how we can best tackle these in a collaborative way.

This will also give us the chance to add the participants into a student circle, in turn promoting a healthy cross-school network.

After each trial session, we will ask participants to complete a feedback survey in order to gauge the impact of sessions, structure and further requests.

Working Together

Partnering with Open Studio will open up and connect you to likeminded organisations, initiatives and promote cross-collaboration throughout the industry - benefitting everyaone.

Open Studio will be able to offer you inbound promotion, a digital marketing strategy and the chance to support architecture students.

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